About Patsel's
Patsel's Restaurant, Clarks Summit, PA, not only offered superb dining for the gourmet; it provided "cultural cuisine" for art lovers and style seekers alike during its 15 years of operation from August 31,1999, to August 31, 2014.

According to owners Pat and John Atkins of Waverly, PA, Patsel's was designed to provide elegant respite and unexpected delight. From its eye-catching exterior paint work and commissioned artwork to its whimsical décor, the restaurant offered something different at every turn. Pat called the restaurant "a delight for the whole family," adding that its goal was "to make you smile and be happy."

In addition to the main dining room, Patsel's included a private dining and meeting area, bar and lounge area and patio. A feast for all the senses, the restaurant offered inspired food and impeccable service, rich architectural and interior treatments, scintillating décor, exquisite table appointments, original artwork and beautifully landscaped flower and herb gardens.

Chef Michael Bodner and his staff prepared an array of delightful dishes best described as "creative American cuisine." They took the best of American fare and infused it with the colors and flavors of Mediterranean, Asian, Continental and Southwestern cooking. Menu selections changed in order for Chef Bodner and his staff to utilize the freshest ingredients and to highlight seasonal foods. A creative children's menu also was available. 

Among the more noteworthy features of Patsel's restaurant were: custom-made, hand painted window frames and bar; a Raku ceramic tile wall mural; Venetian glass light fixtures; an antique tile ceiling; custom-made furniture and a four seasons garden.

"You can't visualize it, you have to see it," said Pat DeVirgilis, one of several local artists chosen to work on the restaurant. She admitted that even she, who works in the visual arts, has a difficult time describing the blend of whimsy and elegance that was Patsel's.

"I live half the week in New York and half the week in Scranton and I've never seen anything like it," said Frank Whitaker, interior designer and co-owner of Decoration Unlimited, Scranton. He added, "Pat had great ideas about what the restaurant should be and she wouldn't settle for anything less."

One factor on which all those involved in the restaurant seemed to agree is that Patsel's was the product of dreams and determination. Interior designer Susan Scranton Dawson said the most important thing about the restaurant was that it was Pat's vision completely. "I think everyone who worked on the restaurant kept that in mind and helped her to achieve that vision," Dawson added.





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