Your Guide to Hiring Local Movers

Anyone who plans to move homes shortly and hire local movers to handle the process would benefit from watching the video “Explained: How to Hire a Mover” by NBC Bay Area. They base their eight tips on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recommendations. Read on to learn more.

Most tips relate to contractual issues and, specifically, conditions that the FMCSA regulates. For example, movers must provide written estimates, so do not accept verbal estimates.

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You should also avoid signing a contract with open boxes or unchecked boxes, and be sure the contract specifies the pickup and delivery dates.

Movers must provide protection against lost or damaged items, often based on weight. You have the right to increase the coverage and be present for the weighing. They also recommend providing the mover with a list of high-value items.

Another tip is to confirm how you will pay for the work at delivery. Insist on paying by credit card to challenge the payment if issues arise as you unpack. Some local movers try to get customers to increase their payment by holding their goods hostage. If this occurs, contact the FMCSA and seek assistance.

Finally, demand a delivery receipt and do not sign anything that releases the mover from liability. Following these tips, you should experience a painless move and enjoy your new home. We hope it’s a pleasant, stress-free experience!


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